Single sign on

for your favourite

school applications

user accessing application with single access
icon user identity

Any user. any app. one authentication authority

Lync serves as the single mechanism through which user identities are confirmed within the organization.

single sign on with lync

Single sign-on into everything

Allows students, teachers and parents to instantly login with just a single login to the dashboard.
multiple sso integration with lync

One system many integrations

Lync ensure security and you save time while managing automated roster and SSO for all digital resources in Lync.

No more “Forgot Your Password?”

Remembering hundreds of complex login credentials is always a nightmare. With Lync instead of dozens of passwords, users simply use one secure password for all resources.

with lync sso no more forgot password issue
lync sso reduce support request and reduce time and cost

Minimized Support Queries

Fewer passwords to remember results in fewer help desk calls about forgotten passwords. Yes, that’s a thing!

Increase Security and Compliance

Help to improve password security by reducing the number of complicated passwords users have to remember to just one (or at least a few).

lync sso allow increase securoty policies and use of strong password
launcher interface of lync sso

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