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Lync is an intuitive, affordable, and customer-centric tool designed specifically for schools.

Educational Institutions are the third most frequent target of hackers

Data is a critical aspect of the education system, and having a good user access management tool can help schools to improve productivity and streamline administrative processes. Lync provides schools a secure and convenient way to manage user access to sensitive data. With Lync, students, and teachers can access multiple applications and services from a single portal with just one login credential.

Reduce administrative burden

Simplify student data management

Increase Security and Compliance

Trusted by 15000 students and teachers

Lync strives to provide a transparent and reliable service to its schools

We never sell or lease any data or promote advertising on our platform.

All data is stored in our private cloud infrastructure, encrypted.

Every organization and its data will be removed permanently if the organization decides to discontinue.

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