Ahliyyah & Mutran school, which was founded in 1926, is consistently improving its comprehensive educational approach to provide better service to 21st-century students while leveraging their Jordanian heritage and Arab culture to benefit humanity as a whole.


In today’s digital age, schools like Ahliyyah & Mutran that are interested in leveraging technology to advance are on the cutting edge of education.  By embracing technology, Ahliyyah & Mutran schools wanted to create a more effective and efficient learning environment that would benefit their faculty and students. Their initial search did not give them any positive results. Ahliyyah & Mutran stumbled upon Lync during the piloting stage in one of our partner schools.


What started as a simple single sign-on (SSO) project, turned out to be a full-fledged ERP system with Lync as its core. We developed a customized version of Lync based on the requirements and suggestions of the staff and faculty of Ahliyyah & Mutran. Apart from SSO, Lync offers Announcements/News Management, Photo gallery Management, Form Management, Ticketing system Management, Custom ERP integration, and much more.


Lync helped Ahliyyah & Mutran streamline their services and centralize their school’s platform. Automating user account management and permissions saved time and resources for the school. This enabled teachers and administrators to focus on their core responsibilities of teaching and supporting students. Setting role-based permissions and monitoring user activity reduced the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access to sensitive information of the school. The analytics feature provided insights into students’ and teachers’ performances and helped them identify areas for improvement. This resulted in better outcomes for students, improved teacher satisfaction, and overall better management of the school.