According to a research-based white paper presented at GESS, schools in the Middle East outperform schools worldwide in terms of delivering higher outcomes, particularly in the use of technology. Compared to 45% in international markets, the efficiency of technology-based education in the region is at an impressive 66%.

With great power comes great responsibility

With the increased use of technology in education, there is a higher risk of cyberattacks. This may lead to disruptions in the educational process as well as the loss of sensitive student and faculty data. A cyberattack in January 2022 exposed the personal information of around 820,000 current and former students of New York City public schools. Similarly, the largest school group in the UAE was the target of a cyber-attack last year. Personal information was compromised in both of these assaults. That includes identification documents, financial details including payment histories and credit-worthiness information, health records, and login information like usernames and passwords. When more than 1.3 billion students moved to remote learning, the pandemic became an accelerant for cyber attacks. Data breaches cost schools a significantly high cost. Exact costs depend on the size of a data breach, how long it takes to find and stop it, and how much money is needed to notify victims and settle legal issues. Security breaches also cost reputation damage to schools that no money can fix.

This is where Lync comes to your rescue

Lync is a single sign-on (SSO) user access management solution for educational institutions integrated with various educational resources. User access management is a critical component of any school’s IT infrastructure. It helps safeguard sensitive information from unauthorized access and ensures that users have access to the right resources at the right time. Lync takes it to the next level by adding the single sign-on feature to the system. SSO is an authentication technique that enables users to log into various systems and applications with one set of login information.

Some of the key benefits of having an SSO-enabled user management system are –

    1. SSO allows IT staff to manage access to different systems and applications more easily and efficiently. They can quickly and easily add or remove users from systems without having to manage access for each system manually.
    2. SSO makes it difficult for hackers to gain access to sensitive data.
    3. SSO simplifies the login process and makes it much more convenient for users. Students and staff members will no longer have to remember multiple usernames and passwords for different applications.
    4. SSO improves productivity and efficiency. With SSO, students and staff can quickly and easily access the resources they need to do their work.

In conclusion, with Lync, schools can better protect sensitive data, improve productivity and efficiency, and provide a better experience for students and staff members.

So what are you waiting for? Request a demo, and let’s talk about how we can save your school from potential security threats.